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HP Character Drabbles
but how can we close before Theodore Nott week!?!?
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5th-Aug-2008 11:41 am - Autumn Rain - Harry Potter
Title: Autumn Rain
Author: duco_lacuna
Character: Harry Potter
Wordcount: 100
Rating: PG

Harry didn’t like it when it rained.


 Especially not the hard, cold, biting rain of late October. The weather that should have been mild and wispy was proving to be a liability. England was no longer the land of grey drizzle; it had become the rock of storms, or so Harry thought as he trudged briskly along puddle-riddled pavements.


Every fat raindrop served to remind him of the many reasons why houses were good; even his house at Grimmauld Place. He may have defeated Voldemort, but he was still no match for the weather.


With a smile, he stepped inside.

23rd-Jul-2007 10:49 pm - Swing Set- Harry and Dudley

Title: Swing Set
Characters: Harry Potter, Dudley Dursley
Word Count: 100
Rating: G
Genre: Family


                                                                                                                    Swing Set

Harry felt like he was flying. He’d never been able to swing high; he loved when Dudley pushed him. Dudley was aggressive toward inanimate objects and people, so he was good at pushing.


“Higher!” laughed the five year old Harry.


“You asked for it,” Dudley said, his chubby cheeks flushed with pleasure.


This was almost like the dreams Harry had where he and Dudley were brothers and always got along.


“Hey Dud,” came Piers’ sly voice from behind.


Dudley stopped pushing Harry. The impact of the missing force caused Harry to tumble off. He couldn’t breathe.


“Don’t tell,” Dudley whispered.


30th-Aug-2006 11:22 am(no subject)
Title: "Saving People" Thing.
Author: Liyla, me.
Characters: Hermione, Harry
Rating: ermm...PG for implied violence?

Hermione opened one eye, cautiously. That curse should have hit her. Something brushed against her leg and she leapt backwards to find Harry lying at her feet, gasping.

“I…I think I’m alright” he stuttered, as he clambered to his feet, supporting his weight on Hermione’s shoulders. She backed into a safe corner, ducking another jet of green light.

She pressed Harry against the wall and stared directly into his face, telling him, “Don’t do that again! We need you for Him

Harry just nodded and turned back into the fray. This “saving people thing” was going to get him killed.
20th-Aug-2006 10:11 pm(no subject)
horses - art by laurel burch
Title: More than blood
Characters: Harry Potter
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Pairing: n/a

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4th-Aug-2006 07:15 am - Suspicion
Bleeding Hearts
Title: Suspicion
Author: Lee West (westwardlee)
Word Count: 100
Characters: Sirius and Remus
Challenge: Multiple challenges: Prophecy at sirius100, London at sirius_remus100, Fast at marauders100, "Not arguing, I hope, boys" at dogstar100 and Harry Potter at hpchar100
Rating: PG
A/N: Sorry for the multiple crossposts and spammage.

SuspicionCollapse )
31st-Jul-2006 01:13 am - Character for week #63
Ron/Hermione - CoS
Sorry for the week's delay, but I did make that deliberate. I was thinking it over, and given that the comm tends to be somewhat dead as of late, perhaps extending each of the challenges an extra week might give people a chance to write more drabbles about the subject at hand? So I was thinking of implimenting a new rule here that would make each challenge bi-weekly, but I do want your opinion about this, so if you please, would you take the following poll?

Poll about how often to post new challenges.Collapse )

Thank you for your time. Also, I do thank the writers to posted drabbles for Amelia Bones for the past couple of weeks. If you want to read or re-read them, please do so by going here.

The character for the sixty-third week is Harry Potter.

Why not? It is Harry's birthday today after all, isn't it? I should hope everyone knows who Harry is, but if you need more information about him, check this very detailed life story here via the lexicon. It'd be a bit sad if I didn't see a lot of drabbles for our lead character, to be honest, so I'm really hoping we see some here. As always, the same rules apply here as they always have. I hope to see a lot of them this week, and have fun!
26th-Jul-2006 07:30 pm(no subject)
Title: Family
Author: cosmic_llin
Word Count: 100
Characters: Amelia Bones
Challenge: Amelia Bones
Notes: Better late than never, I suppose...
Rating: PG

She had never gotten married. There was always work to be done, evil to fight, and afterwards, things to organise at the Ministry. It wasn’t that she didn’t have proposals – she turned more than one down. She just wasn’t the marrying type, she said.
She sometimes thought that she might have been the maternal type, in other circumstances.
That was why she was glad when Susan arrived. As Susan got older, she would tell her aunt about friends and school, and Amelia in turn would tell Susan about her work, and the work of her department.
Because family was important.
23rd-Jul-2006 08:10 am - Amelia Bones
horses - art by laurel burch
Title: Memories
Characters: Amelia Bones
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Pairing: n/a

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21st-Jul-2006 06:35 pm - The Lovely Bones
Bleeding Hearts
Title: The Lovely Bones
Author: Lee West (westwardlee)
Word Count: 100
Characters: Amelia Bones
Challenge: Amelia Bones
Rating: PG

The Lovely BonesCollapse )
17th-Jul-2006 10:55 pm - Character for week #62
Ron/Hermione - CoS
Unfortuately there was only one drabble submission for Hannah last week, but if you want to read or reread it, feel free to do so here. I thank the writer for their contribution to the challenge.

The character for the sixty-second week is Amelia Bones.

The late Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Madam Bones was a very important person in the ministry, and very much revered in her position, plus her family has had quite the past with Voldemort and his lot, so there's a lot there. Anyway, any and all information about Amelia Bones can be found here at the lexicon, and as always, the same rules apply here as they always have. I hope to see a lot of them this week, and have fun!
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