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HP Character Drabbles
but how can we close before Theodore Nott week!?!?
4th-Aug-2006 07:15 am
Bleeding Hearts
Title: Suspicion
Author: Lee West (westwardlee)
Word Count: 100
Characters: Sirius and Remus
Challenge: Multiple challenges: Prophecy at sirius100, London at sirius_remus100, Fast at marauders100, "Not arguing, I hope, boys" at dogstar100 and Harry Potter at hpchar100
Rating: PG
A/N: Sorry for the multiple crossposts and spammage.


"Not arguing, I hope, boys."

"No, Lily," Sirius and Remus answer in unison. They're discussing the prophecy: Sirius, perhaps being overprotective of his godson, thinks it refers to the Longbottom boy. Remus is sure it's about Harry.

Lily's already worried enough about it, so they fly at record speed to their London flat on Sirius's motorbike. The ride is not conducive to talking, which is a good thing.

Sirius is suspicious that Remus knows more than he's telling – why would he be so stubborn about the prophecy concerning Harry?

Remus wonders if Sirius's affirmation about Neville is a red herring.
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Thank you!
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